View Full Version : setting up and using the addon indexer

stan kern
11-11-2010, 9:57 PM
I know most people here are experts but i was shocked when i pulled out the indexer from storage say 2 months what i had forgotten.
So i put this story together.
I have learned that when you don't use something for awhile you take it for granted,the indexer simple
but a few steps to remember and now i have permanent notes .This is tricky to setup
--unplug the y axis,reset the y axis,load the indexer cfg file (where is that stored)(where is the original
stored)--(loose these and you're lost) set up the indexer so the materal is level ,focus make sure you have
the clearance for the head to swing(been there done that) and run the Y axis even if it does not move as you
need that run to allow it to work with the indexer or you'll get a soft stop,run the indexer till it stops
then run it half way back (this baffled me)
then return the machine back to straight laser do the opposite of above and the y axis needs to be played with,
as mine took awhile to return ,it was stopping half way so i knocked off the power and manually pulled the y
forward ,then turned on the power and it reset.Works fine but you have to follow some steps.Also max round object
would be 7 in and you cannot engrave a neck as the focus brass post will crash into the bottle

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJM7Gl1fv_4 indexer small bottle