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Russell Ludwick
11-03-2010, 2:30 AM
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here who has helped me get setup, with special thanks to Gary Sheriff at Trotec who has bent over backwards to get me up and running.

As of about two weeks ago, I finally got everything setup and have been able to start actually using my laser. I just wanted to post a couple of my first projects, which are as much practice as actual products.

The first is a Business folder I made for myself and was bought for a couple dollars at a dollar store, but the fake leather lasered particularly well.


The 2nd is a cutting board with engraved vegetables and a personal message in the corner. This test run was for me, but I made another right after for my sisters wedding this weekend that says "Property of the Williams Kitchen"


In a few weeks I will start sending out some business cards to the local shops to get my name out, but I have already started getting business from all over. Also working on a website and you tube channel to help generate business. Hopefully I am on my way to a nice little side gig.

Dan Hintz
11-03-2010, 5:55 AM
The folder has a great shadowing effect, very 3Dish, but I would have burned more heavily on the chopping block.

Scott Shepherd
11-03-2010, 8:23 AM
That fake leather is full of PVC if I recall correctly. Be careful and make sure you know before you engrave many of them.

Chris DeGerolamo
11-03-2010, 10:17 AM
Yeah, the folder looks really good but beware of the PVC...try the burn test to make sure. It's a green flame to watch out for I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

I have seen several laser etched cutting boards in Target etc that look pretty good. I agree with Dan that you should have a deeper etch, though the design is nice. You may consider vectoring in a ruler off to the bottom or top or even some different diameter [concentric] circles like 8" or 10" depending on overall size. See a similar example below.


Russell Ludwick
11-03-2010, 11:26 AM
Thanks for the tips, yeah I should have a reliable supplier if I do these folders in any kind of bulk. I assumed the leather was actually some kind of vinyl, but wasn't really thinking it would be PVC. It didn't smell at all, so I haven't been worried at all.

The cutting board is actually a pretty good shade, and any deeper and it starts to char some of the details, I tried it at 100 power and things just weren't coming out too good and I had to scale it back. Maybe I can provide some better pictures, because that picture makes it look really light. Interesting ideas for the cutting board measurements. Ill have to steal that idea for the next one.

Gary Hair
11-03-2010, 11:30 AM
I assumed the leather was actually some kind of vinyl, but wasn't really thinking it would be PVC. It didn't smell at all, so I haven't been worried at all.

Just for future reference, the "V" in PVC is vinyl. Anything with the word vinyl is PVC. Poly Vinyl Chloride


paul mott
11-03-2010, 1:16 PM

If you value your new machine / project Don't engrave anything else containing or made with PVC / Vinyl.
It's not the smell that's the problem it's the corrosive effect it has on everything. Not noticed straight away but after about one week any poorly or un-plated steel will start to show signs of rusting and that is just the start of the problems.


btw. Very nice job you have done on the folder.