View Full Version : NAICS Code for Laser Business

William Milligan
11-01-2010, 4:54 PM
I've been working with my local banker to assist with financing of my equipment and we are trying to determine the best NAICS code to use for categorizing our business. Problem is, laser engraving equipment (I am getting an Epilog Helix) is so versatile it could fall in to quite a few categories.

I know this has been addressed previously (looks like a couple of years ago) but I am wondering if anyone has come up with a decent NAICS code to use for a laser engraving, etching, marking and cutting business.

Thinking of 323119 (Other Commercial Printing) or 339999 (misc manufacturing) but they seem to cover such a small portion of what we can and will be doing.

I appreciate any assistance or advice you experts can provide...tks.


Dan Hintz
11-01-2010, 5:37 PM
Pick one you think fits the best and stick with it... misc man is a good fit for a lot of stuff.

William Milligan
11-01-2010, 7:44 PM
Pick one you think fits the best and stick with it... misc man is a good fit for a lot of stuff.

Thanks Dan...that's kind of what I was thinking...it doesn't really describe the business but could be pretty broad....I guess it is really just for my SBA paperwork in the end so they can put me into a category.

Richard Rumancik
11-01-2010, 8:55 PM
The most general class is best as it will allow you to branch out without causing any issues. Your insurance company may also want your NAICS class code on your policy. If you end up doing something that is outside the definition of the class you don't want to have them challenge a claim because of that. "Miscellaneous manufacturing" will allow you to do many things without asking for permission.

Shawn Conklin
11-02-2010, 9:01 AM
Just keep in mind that depending on what state you are in, how you approach your business model and use of the laser may or may not make it fall into sales taxable equipment.

Being too vague ... or for that matter too specific may categorize the laser diferently in the eyes of yours states sales tax laws. ... and get you with a extra $1500 to cough up.