View Full Version : vector cutting problem

Rich Noterman
10-31-2010, 1:56 PM
I got an Epilog mini 40 with Coreldraw x5. Our salesman wanted us to play with it while he was out of town. Been playing all week and everything seems to work except it will not vector cut. When I set it up combined (raster & vector) it will raster only. When set up as vector only, I hit go, it stops immediately and says "done". What am I missing?

Darryl Hazen
10-31-2010, 2:05 PM

Are there any hairlines in the file? If not, the Epilog will not vector cut. The hairline width tells the engraver to vector cut.

Joe Pelonio
10-31-2010, 2:38 PM
Darryl has hit upon the most common mistake, often the outline is one point width and won't cut.

Michael Simpson Virgina
10-31-2010, 5:12 PM
In order to quickly set all your graphics to hairline so that they will vector do the following.

Select the Pic Tool. (The little arrow in the upper left hand of the screen)

Make sure nothing is selected. And double click the little pen icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

This will bring up a little dialog box called Outline Pen.

Check the Graphic if its not already checked and hit OK

On main Dialog that follows select the width pulldown and select Hairline. then click OK

Now all your new graphic shapes in this drawing will default to hair line. Keep in mind this is only for this dawing. Any new drawings will again default to .5

If you want to make it perminant go into tools menu and select Options. Then select document. (Dont expand)

On the right side you will have the ability to save by checking the save option and clicking OK.

Now all new drawings will have this set as a default.