View Full Version : Extraction needed for Anodized Aluminium?

Alick Ford
10-24-2010, 7:33 PM
Have a small project coming up where I'm thinking of taking my laser with me and setting it up in situ.

I will only be be marking anodized aluminium. 1-2 mins each piece, maybe 10 pieces a hour!

Ideally I don't want to bring my extraction system!

Do u need extraction when marking anodized aluminium?

If u do, would you think a small vacuum cleaner be suffice?

Thanks in advance!

Joe Pelonio
10-24-2010, 8:21 PM
A vacuum cleaner won't do much with a 4" connection. I don't know if fumes from engraving anodized cause any problems or not but there's also the perception of others to consider. If this is a private hotel room and you are the only one there I wouldn't be as concerned as being in a very public place with lots of people, some of whom may be very sensitive to odors/dirty air.
Maybe pick up a small 4" portable unit that can be simply aimed out a window?

Alick Ford
10-24-2010, 8:35 PM
Its a outdoor venue so fumes wouldn't be a problem!

More worried about any residue off the aluminium that could damage the lens if its not extracted?

I don't see much smoke etc when working with alu, but i know that doesn't mean it's not there!

Joe Pelonio
10-24-2010, 9:49 PM
You won't need air assist, I wonder if you could hook that up to a vacuum.

Alick Ford
10-25-2010, 5:33 AM
My manual says never to operate the laser without extraction on.

Anyone out there operate there laser without extraction for some tasks?

Mike Null
10-25-2010, 6:16 AM
I don't think a small amount of anodized aluminum would cause a problem.

Dan Hintz
10-25-2010, 8:48 AM

There are no dangerous fumes to be concerned about for anodized... I always run with a vacuum, but in such a minor case as this I would forego it without worry. There is a minor amount of (practically invisible) fumes (the burnt dye), so I would want a light breeze across it to prevent fuming the lens if you plan on doing hundreds.

Alick Ford
10-25-2010, 9:37 AM
Tried it today and there wasn't even much of a smell when I opened the lid after etching!

Would running air assist keep any residue away from the lens? my air comp is super quite, so wouldn't annoy anyone!

Other option is to doctor the end nozzle of my vacuum cleaner and run it on its lowest/quietest setting!

Dan Hintz
10-25-2010, 9:56 AM
If you have air assist, that's the best method for keeping the lens clean for something like this.

Alick Ford
10-26-2010, 1:17 PM
Thanks Guys! :)