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Dan Mages
10-19-2010, 5:47 PM
I want to hang the TV on the wall to make it a bit more Abby safe. The installation instructions (http://www.monoprice.com/bbs/files/manual%20PID%202852.pdf)call for it to be lag bolted to the studs. The walls in the family room are .5" wallboard with a .5" plaster coating and covered with a 5/8 or 3/4" beaded paneling. I tried to use a stud finder, but no such luck. The walls are too thick, I guess. I am not sure what the best course of action should be. The TV weighs 75 lbs and is 52". Any suggestions?


Chris Rosenberger
10-19-2010, 6:48 PM
I would attach it to the paneling.
If you want to add some added safety, put some screws through the top of the paneling into the top plate.

Peter Stahl
10-19-2010, 7:17 PM
I needed to put in a hole for the cable and electrical recepticle so if you need to do that you could locate the studs after cutting a small hole. Plus the bracket and TV should cover a small hole if it's off a little. You can measure off you recepticles by 16" to get close. Also all that plaster and wood should hold it with a heavy duty wall anchor.

Joe Leigh
10-20-2010, 7:03 AM
You forgot to say if it was a Plasma set or LCD. Big difference in weight.
In either case I would NOT install it without lagging into studs. Do whatever is necessary to locate the studs, drill holes, cut an opening behind the tv location, or use a small finish nail hitting it in every inch or so to locate them. The wall can always be spackled and painted later. Do it right the first time.

John Pratt
10-20-2010, 9:16 AM
Try a product called "Snap Toggles" from Toggler. You can get them at most home improvement stores. I get mine from Lowes. Google it and you will find a good amount of information. In the past year I have hung about 40 televisions in Government buildings on Fort Sill. Because the walls have metal studs, I use the drywall to hang the T.V.s. and this product hasn't failed yet. They are much easier to use than the old style toggle bolts and hold a lot of weight.

Dan Hintz
10-20-2010, 9:29 AM

To be fair, he did say it weighed 75 pounds, so LCD or plasma is irrelevant.

Joe Leigh
10-20-2010, 10:04 AM
Yup, missed that, thanks. All the more reason to make sure it's lagged into studs.

Pat Germain
10-20-2010, 10:07 AM
My stud finder has a "deep" mode which is pretty good at finding studs through thicker material. Perhaps there's a higher powered model available. I think it would be worth the purchase to make sure your TV is bolted into studs.

Lee Schierer
10-20-2010, 12:31 PM
Locate an outlet on the same wall. There should be a stud either immediately to the left or the right. Take the cover off the outlet and look inside. You should be able to tell which side the stud is on. Once one stud is located measure 16" centers from there.

How do you plan to get power to this new wall mounted unit?

Greg Portland
10-20-2010, 2:27 PM
Dan, get a metal detector (or set the stud finder to metal). The wallboard is screwed into the studs & the detector can find the screws. Obviously find a few in a vertical line so you don't accidentally "find" a copper wire.

More help: http://www.cornerhardware.com/articles/art03.html

Dan Mages
10-20-2010, 2:39 PM
Snap Toggles will probably do the trick. I can probably use six of them on the bracket and be more than satisfied that it won't fall. I will try to find the outlet next to the outlet, but I hate drilling holes in the paneling unless I have to.

Regarding electrical. I will velcro tie the power and video cables to the equipment cabinet. It won't be perfect, but it will be fine for now.