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Gene Howe
10-13-2010, 9:48 AM
Finished the decks! Roof's on the main deck, lights and outlets are wired. Next step is the T-11 ceiling.
The new deck looks sooo much better with no exposed fasteners! Had to use face screws in a couple places but redwood pegs covered them.
Used Sikkens' Cetol on the deck. Did both sides and edges of the redwood 2X6s. It's great stuff. Used a different product by Sikkens on a log cabin 5 years ago. Looks like it did when we first applied it.

Received our new tow behind DR mower/brush cutter yesterday. Need to go into town and get some oil and a new hitch. The mower requires a clevis and I don't want to keep changing from ball to clevis. Wife said to get a "Eunuch" hitch. No balls.:D

A few days of mowing and I can FINALLY get back in the shop. It's been a productive summer, but I miss the shop!