View Full Version : Bad alignment of stars? (when things go wrong)

John Noell
10-09-2010, 2:44 PM
After some weird intermittent problems on startup, the laser starts having more bizarre symptoms. (Lots of "position errors" - does the raster in the right place but then the carriage flies off towards the front right corner when it's time to vector the part.) Okay - looks like the main logic board has failed - again. This one lasted 14 months. (Separate electric circuit, voltage condtioner, clean power. Why???) Call tech support. Oops, it is just after business hours on Friday in the USA. Must wait until Monday morning inthe USA (which is Tuesday morning here in Fiji). The client who has dithered for months calls up and HAS to have 500 pearl shell key tags engraved - to be handed out at a big ceremony exactly one week from my call to tech support. If tech support gets right on it (their Monday morning), and send it right out via Fedex - it probably gets to Fiji their Wednesday or Thursday (our Thursday or Friday) and goes through a shipping "agent", as Fedex has no presence in Fiji. The agent usually manages to get FedEx packages to me in only 5-10 days.

I think I'm in trouble. Anyone got a spare Epilog Mini 45 watt logic board they want to send (preferably via DHL or TNT) to Fiji today?

Doug Griffith
10-09-2010, 2:56 PM
So it rasters fine but fails when it goes into vector mode? Have you tried the old vector only driver? It solved random issues when vectoring. As a temporary fix, you could possibly raster and then vector using 2 different programs.

Also, make sure the encoder and strip are clean but I probably don't have to tell you that.

John Noell
10-09-2010, 3:37 PM
Sometimes it will raster properly but only sometimes (and not often enough). Lots of weird issues. On both raster and vector it often fails to print, with random "position error" messages or it simply stops with garbage on the display panel. It's pretty clearly a defective logic board.