View Full Version : Cabin Fever Expo 2011... anyone going? (in York, PA)

Dan Hintz
10-08-2010, 2:01 PM
I was torn between placing this thread here, the design forum, or the turner forum, but considering the turner forum here is generally more wood based, well...

See here for more details:

To be held January 15th and 16th (with consignment auctions the 14th and 15th) in York, PA, the Cabin Fever Expo is a model engineering show. I haven't been yet, only finding out about it a few weeks ago, and it appears to only be held on a sporadic basis. The main element appears to be scale model steam engines, with a handful of gas engines, boats, artillery, etc. It seems some vendors also show. I also see some interesting seminars on Saturday, such as lost wax casting and Mach3 CNC.

York is close enough to me that I will probably go for a day, weather and time permitting, and I wouldn't mind hooking up with some fellow Creekers. Feel free to link to other forums here if you think it appropriate...

Admission is $10 for all three days, including the auctions.

Keith Outten
10-09-2010, 9:32 PM

I would like to go but it is doubtful that my schedule will allow the trip to PA in January. If all goes well I will just be finishing installing signs in the Freeman Center Construction project and starting my next building at CNU. The rest of this year and all of the next will be a brutal schedule :(

Dan Hintz
01-13-2011, 12:03 PM
Just a friendly bump for the show... I'll be going Saturday, and I'm considering a stop at Hearne Hardwoods for an exotic wood drooling session.