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Kelly Craig
10-02-2010, 10:13 PM
I froze four guide bearings on my 14" Powermatic band saw.

A couple weeks ago, I swapped back to a re-saw blade from a scroll blade and, in my hurry, didnít gap the bearings to the blade. After cutting a few cherry blocks, I started having problems with intermittent dragging and a little smoke. When I stopped and checked things, I found four lower bearings froze. I wandered the net and found replacements for the "Powermatic," or "Carter guides" ran in the $18.00 per bearing price range.

I measured the bearing and ran the number on the net (608ZZ10). I found a company selling a ten pack of bearings (ď10 Bearing 608ZZ 8◊22x7 Shielded 608ZĒ) for around five dollars, plus seven shipping. That figures to $1.20 each. I ordered a pack and they arrived in a couple days (I'm in Washington). I installed them and they fit perfectly and are running fine.

For reference, Iíve listed the company I bought from below, but you could also check with local bearing houses and other net suppliers:

VXB.com Bearings
the web..........vxb.com/
NationSkander California Corp
2165 S Dupont Dr Unit F
Anaheim CA 92806
Tel: (714) 442-2740
Fax: (714) 442-9740 .

Bruce Wrenn
10-03-2010, 10:38 PM
Many skate board shops also stock these bearings. I have had much success using bearings from VBX. But do realize, you will get at least one email a month from them.