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Mike Berndt
09-20-2010, 7:54 PM
Hi Folks,
I bought a reconditioned ULS-25E laser engraver for my middle school technology education program. I am having problems getting the laser to communicate with my newly purchased windows 7 laptop. Doesn;t seem like the laser is getting the signal from the laptop. I have installed the new printed drivers and am connecting through the network port on the laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:confused:

Mike Ireland
09-21-2010, 5:57 PM
Hi Mike,
You will want to use a USB to Parallel cable since that system used the parrallel connection. Make sure that you are using driver 1.09R. If you still have issues, please contact our service department.

Mike Berndt
09-21-2010, 7:20 PM
Hi Mike,
I have downloaded the printer drivers but am still having problems connection to the laser using windows 7.. The goldbox has been replaced and I have a no clue what is going wrong. I have a hp dv-6 with 4gb 500 gb hard drive. I am running corel draw X5. I need to have step by step instruction to get this laptop communicating with this laser. I appreciate any and all of your help. The laser communicated via XP through com port 1 serial connection but bought that laptop to run the laser. With the updates to this machine it does not have parallel ports> It is a straight connection to the gold box with a network type cable. Need some help???? Please!!

Mike Berndt
Davisvlle Middle School

Mike Mackenzie
09-21-2010, 11:00 PM

First off you need to use the Parallel to USB adapter cable Belkin F5u002-V1. (Google it) you will find several places to buy. Check with your local computer stores they will probably have one.

You will not get the system to communicate via network on that system unless you get a parallel to Ethernet adapter and I would not trust that on that old of a system.

Load the 1.09 driver and install it as a printer leaving the port set to Parallel.

Once driver is installed plug in your usb connection and turn on the laser.

In the control panel in the printers section you will find the driver high lite and right click go down to properties and select the ports tab scroll down the list and select the first virtual printer port and apply the change.

Now send a test page to the laser if your file gets there you are connected.

Also make sure that the system did not get switched from parallel to serial.

This is done on the system.

Turn system on
once ready press escape, then move down to preferences press select, then configuration press select then ports press select.

Pressing select will change the port selection once it says parallel then press escape all the way back out.

Mike Berndt
09-22-2010, 9:04 PM
Thanks Mike will proceed as you suggest and let you know how it worked. This is the set-up on the desktop and it works well. Will usb to ethernet work remember the unit has been refurbished and does not have a parralel or serial port on it but a network connection cable. Thanks for your ideas and help :)

Mike Mackenzie
09-23-2010, 12:05 AM

Did someone modify the electronics on the laser system?

There were never any Ethernet connections on that model. If it has been modified then you need to go back to who made the change and get them to help you.

The picture in your post is the back of a PC and you have a parallel port and several USB ports that you can use.