View Full Version : Epilog Mod

Doug Griffith
09-10-2010, 9:36 PM
While running a job, I started taking pictures of things around the shop. Attached is a pic of the front hatch mod I did to my Epilog when I first got it. I have MANY sheets of 20" x 26" plastic and wanted to work with it without cutting it down.

This mod is mounted using the original threaded inserts so the machine isn't altered at all. The front shelf drops down approximately 2.5" and serves as a handy shelf when working. The top adjusts up and down with it for focusing. All interior surfaces are coated with a thick metal tape just in case.

Besides the shelf, are parts were made with the laser.

Also, that blue hose is hooked up to my vac system and is handy for sucking out small pieces that are a pain to pick out. The small tray that holds the height gauge and the laser safety glasses are attached to the machine with velcro so they are always at hand. It all sits on a flat file system. On the left side of the machine next to the power switch is a remote switch that turns on the vac system and air. The computer is just to the right inside of one of those metal computer cabinets.

I'm rambling now...