View Full Version : Need Recommendations on a Hip Flask Supplier

Ric Taylor
09-09-2010, 1:36 PM
HI All,

I have a customer interested in a bunch (don't know how many yet, I'm guessing 20 to 50) of Cermark-engraved stainless steel hip flasks.

I'm asking about your favorite reliable sources for these, preferably located in USA. I searched in the archives, but some of the links provided no longer work, and other posts were pretty old.

Thanks for your help,


Gary and Jessica Houghton
09-09-2010, 4:09 PM
With a litlle elbow grease, you could buy some cheaper at wal-mart. But I have hound some at creative gifts. These are nice and fair priced. creativegiftsdirect.com
Good luck and happy hunting.

Kathy Madan
09-09-2010, 5:15 PM
We get ours at creative gifts also. You can sometimes pick them up cheaper locally at the sporting goods or fishing stores, but you may not be able to get that large a qty.

Adam Orton
09-09-2010, 10:48 PM
Dollarama here in Canada have great little hip flasks for 2 dollars each. Stainless body, chrome plated plastic cap, cermarks and lasers with great results. I mention it just in case you have a friend up here that could send a couple cases. I personalized a few for a friends party with excellent results..

Ric Taylor
09-10-2010, 12:10 PM
Many thanks to everyone for the good leads, I'll look into them.