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Ken Fitzgerald
09-07-2010, 12:25 PM
My friend and co-worker Kenny Boy and I met in a class some 11 years ago this month.

21 months ago when the LOML and I toured both islands of NZ, while in Christchurch we had the distinct pleasure of spending two evenings with Ken and his wife Anne.

They live a short distance NW of Christchurch in Kirwee.

I sent him an email on Sunday telling him we hoped they'd escaped major damage from the earthquake there. He replied they got very light damage at home but the after-quakes were a bit worrisome. The "Heritage" part of downtown Christchurch (which he and his wife gave us the tour) was damaged and our company office there was unusable until it had been inspected by engineers.

Here's a link he sent me where you can see the after shocks they are experiencing. http://www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz/ (http://www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz/)

It's pretty worrisome!

Bruce Page
09-07-2010, 2:05 PM
Ken, glad to hear that they faired well. Having made it through a couple SoCal shakers and countless aftershocks I can tell you they are not any fun.

Graham Symns
09-07-2010, 7:08 PM
Hi Ken,

I live in Christchurch (NZ) and have experienced this earthquake along with the rest of the population of my hometown.
The damage to my house was minor in that it is still liveable but that of my neighbour is seriously damaged.
This morning we had another aftershock which had its epicentre on the other side of the city ie on the west side (5.1 on the Richter scale),as opposed to the eastside.
The damage is progressively worsening as these after-shocks continue.
We are by no means the worst off as many buildings of the masonry styles
of 50 years or more in age are being levelled as they are significant risks.
There has been remarkably no deaths or serious injury to this point.

Regards Graham