View Full Version : Amazon has Harriet K. and MBR. Who do other sites have?

Stephen Tashiro
08-21-2010, 2:05 PM
I notice that the Amazon site gets flooded with "five star" book reviews by "Midwest Book Reviews". They also get flooded with glowing book reviews by a "Harriet Klausner" who is famous enough to inspire other websites that ridicule her. Are there any other online sellers with consumer reviews that have their own notorious contributors?

Pat Germain
08-23-2010, 4:25 PM
Many web sites have similar problems. I remember when the Internet was just becoming available to younger kids. Whenever the topic of music would come up, the page would be bombarded by posts claiming everythign but Metallica sucked. Thus, these kids gave every Metallica track five stars and everything else zero stars. As you can imagine, that tended to skew the review trend a certain way.