View Full Version : Program an auto keyless remote

Myk Rian
08-18-2010, 7:56 PM
I bought a used Ford Ranger PU that came with no remote key fob. I had 2 for the Contour, so I did some searching to reprogram one of the remotes.

Turn the key to run-stop-run-stop-etc 8 times inside of 10 seconds, ending with the key ON.
The locks will lock-unlock.
Press any button on the remote. The locks will lock-unlock.
Turn the key to off.
If you screw it up, turn the key off and start all over till you get it.

Sure beats paying a dealer $140 to do it, and another ton of bucks for their remote.

I sure do love the Internet.

Chris Harry
08-18-2010, 8:18 PM
Its amazing how the dealers still charge so much without expecting anyone with a computer to try and Google it.

If they didnt charge so much Id just be inclined to let them do it for me, but since they insist on the standard "dealer rip off", less $$$ for them!

And the new keyless entry crock is now "tire pressure monitor sensors". My dad got a new set of wheels for his car and the dealer wanted 125 to "re program" the sensors (i.e. marry them with his car instead of the car they came off of). What a crock! And I dont think there is any way to do THAT yourself.

Dan Hintz
08-19-2010, 6:43 AM
Surprisingly enough, the local Saturn dealership was happy to reprogram my wife's fob for free... if I didn't think Saturns were complete junk, that might have convinced to look more closely at buying another one.

Matt Meiser
08-19-2010, 7:41 AM
If you need/want another, I've gotten remotes off Ebay in the past. There's a ton of Ford ones on there right now in the $11-20 shipped range. They are pretty durable. I lost one plowing snow the first winter we lived here. In the spring I found it half buried in mud in the driveway. Put in a new battery and it worked like new but did look a bit scuffed up. We still have it since I forgot to take it when we traded that car.

Related, if you have anti-theft keys and actually have 2 keys you can program a third key yourself. The procedure is in the owners manual but is a similar kind of thing. If you only have two and lose a key and the dealer has to program the truck to recognize a new key. Since your dealer seems intent on ripping you off, buying an extra key would be worth it. The dealer that sold me the first vehicle I had that used those keys said it was about $75 for a key and programming 10 years ago. And non-OEM ones are pretty readily available at places that make keys now too.

And before someone suggests the 2-key thing is a scam to make more money, the idea is to prevent anyone who has your key (say a valet, the new shady guy at your mechanic's, etc) from making a key for themselves.

Tom Winship
08-19-2010, 8:43 AM
My wife's Expedition has a remote on the visor. We use it to control 2 garage doors and an entry gate to our property.
In my pickup, I carry a remote for the gate and one for the two garage doors.

Where could I get a single remote, programmable to all three openers, so I only have to fumble with one.