View Full Version : Decking Lumber Gloat

Mike Cruz
08-13-2010, 4:53 PM
So, I saw an ad on CL that included some composite decking. The wife and I have been looking at Treky type stuff for a little while to redo our deck. Long story short, I just picked up Aztec PVC decking for $1.36 a linear foot! My neighbor is in the decking business and says he can't touch it for under $2.50 a foot, but even that is rare.

The fun part was getting it home. It was about 45 minutes from home...highway and back roads. The challenge was that the pieces are as follows: 17 @ 20 feet, 18 @ 16 feet, and 15 @ 12 feet...and I didn't bring my trailer! :eek:

If you know anything about this stuff, it is flexible as all get out. So, I had to get creative... I stacked the 16 footers on edge to create a base. I strapped them together so they wouldn't fall over. Then I put the 20's on top of them. Then, the 12's on last. And strapped them all together.

Made it home just fine! I did get a couple of odd glares, though. :rolleyes:

Well, now I just have to tear off the old decking and put 'em in...yeah, like that'll happen in the next month...