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Meda Morg
08-12-2010, 12:35 PM
First... A little background.

I live in Southern Illinois. In May of last year we had a terrible storm that was basically like a highly localized inland hurricane. It destroyed ALOT of trees in the area. That normally just means more wood of us wood guys right??? Well... unforunately, one of the trees that was blown down was a very special tree to my brother and his wife. It, for a number of years, has been called "The kissing tree". Number one, because it's the spot where they had their first kiss, and two, each and every time they go by it, they would pull off the side of the road, get our of their car, touch the tree and partake in a kiss. Well... let's just say that when my sister in law found out it was destroyed she was absolutely heartbroken. I was able to salvage part of the tree, with the owners permission of course, without them knowing about it. I am planning to make a wine rack for them out of the wood and would like to put a plate most likely 24 x 12 or so on the front with a picture of them kissing at their wedding.

Obvoisly, I want to use the wood from this tree but most of the "Friends of the creek" provide the plate for you. Is there anyone local to the Carbondale/St. Louis area who does Laser Engraving or even someone online who will allow me to furnish the wood peice. I'm not a rich man, so I will have to stay within my means but I'm very hopeful someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you all so much for all your help!

Ross Moshinsky
08-12-2010, 12:42 PM
Talk to Mike Null from http://www.stl-laser.com/

If you want some piece of wood engraved as part of the rack, just make sure it is a reasonable size. Remember, the laser is only so big. Otherwise, a engraved metal plate is a very standard thing to do. Just figure out how big you want it and what you want it to say. Should be around $20-30.

Dan Hintz
08-12-2010, 12:47 PM

I think if you ask almost any member of FOTC they would be happy to use your own plate. Many offer pre-selected items because setup is faster (one-time thing), but for a fee to take care of the extra setup time and stress of engraving a non-replaceable item, I'm sure they would be willing to work with you.

Dan Hintz
08-12-2010, 12:49 PM
I'll second Mike to help you out. He'll have no problem fitting a 1'x2' plate in his machine... and he's VERY local :)

Martin Boekers
08-12-2010, 1:50 PM
When you talk with Mike, if you have some smaller scraps he may be able to make a Christmas tree ornament also. That may be nice.


Mike Null
08-12-2010, 3:21 PM

I'll be happy to help you out but there is another member just a few minutes from you. I can recall that he cleaned up his share of trees after that storm. His name is Joe Hayes at Graphics Galore in Marion, IL. (618) 997-6880

Either way we can get you fixed up.

Joe Hayes
08-13-2010, 12:21 PM
We would be glad to try to help you with your project. Our lasers are 36"x24" so the size you gave is not an issue. Give us a call at 618-997-6800 and ask for me.
There are lots of laser operators here on the Creek that would be glad to help you as well. Best of luck with your special project.

Joe Hayes, CRS
Graphics Galore, Inc.

Chuck Stone
08-13-2010, 2:02 PM
When you talk with Mike, if you have some smaller scraps he may be able to make a Christmas tree ornament also. That may be nice.


Smaller pieces might also be good for making pens.