View Full Version : Wrong focus lens in mount.

Kay Bengtson
08-06-2010, 1:12 PM
Hi all,
You may recall that I have been having problems with cutting with my ancient ULS 25ER machine. I decided that the optics were too old and pitted mirrors and a fogged beam window so I replaced them with all new from ULS. It cost $700 but what a difference but that isn't what I am posting about.

The real revelation is that my old lens was not a 2.0 as the mount said but actually a 1.5 lens. The focus tool was set at exactly 1.5" which didn't focus at the right spot because the lens in the housing is set higher. That is why I had to crank the table down to meet the real focus. I never thought to look at the dimensions of the focus tool until I got a new one for the new 2.0 lens and it was 1/2" taller! I thought I was shipped the wrong focus tool!

Go figure. Now, all my settings are probably going to change. It seems like this new lens cuts sharper and I need more speed to prevent burning. It will be a relief not to have to crank the table a turn or two for each thickness.

Now I understand why the fellow who sold it to me was having so much trouble getting parts cut at any level of productivity. He went out and bought a new Epilog and sold me this gem for a song. Okay it is a dinosaur and probably will konk out and leave me with a doorstop someday but for now, I am tickled pink!


Frank Corker
08-06-2010, 1:22 PM
Love it when you get a bargain!