View Full Version : Does Windows 7 work with the Laser Dashboard Print driver?

Sean De Gazon
08-05-2010, 7:45 PM
Hello all, I recently upgraded to Win7 and have been unable to get the Laser Dashboard print driver to work (ver8.05). For now i'm stuck using the old version (7.08) print driver :confused:. Is their anyone who has gotten the dashboard driver to work with their Epilog laser? I'd love to get it to work with mine.
When I try to install the updated driver over the old one, it installs however when I try to print from Coreldraw, i get a message saying that my printer is not installed.

Sean De Gazon
08-05-2010, 8:05 PM
Allrighty then ;).
So a few minutes after posting my question, I uninstalled my Epilog laser from the Printers and Devices section on the PC, uninstalled the driver and unplugged my USB cable from the back of my PC for the umpteenth time today.
Lo and behold this time when I plugged it back in, and went into Corel to check and see if I could reinstall the old driver I found the Laser Dashboard smiling back at me from the properties tab in my Coreldraw print properties. :D
Well to be honest I was more than pleasantly surprised since I've been working at this for the past 4-5hrs :eek:. Jeez. if I'd known all along I'd just have to ask the question on the creek in order for the problem to be fixed I'd have done it since earlier in the day. :rolleyes:

Dave Russell Smith
08-05-2010, 8:48 PM
That was an easy one :D

rich shepard
08-07-2010, 12:49 AM
Cool now tell me how you did it. Have tried it on two computers and 3 hours with tech support one day, Even went so far as to get all new cables still no luck Did get it to work once and set a job over but when I rebooted the system it was gone never to return. Ended up getting a machine with XP on it to run the laser. The driver would install but could not find the laser that and none of my old setting files worked so hope the XP machine last now.

Sean De Gazon
08-09-2010, 11:29 PM
Rich, to be quite honest I'm not at all sure exactly what I did differently to get the print driver installed properly. I really was at it all day, and was using the creek to get help to answer my question when it just appeared in the print properties of my Corel software :confused:
I did a lot of installing and uninstalling of the driver, a lot of plugging and unplugging of my USB cables and to no avail, I called Brian who is an Epilog tech and even he was somewhat stuck at a certain point and asked me to call him back, which I tried but was on hold for a looong time till I eventually got fed up and kept on at it.
I'm sorry I cannot be of more help to you and I seriously hope I don't have need to interfere with my system for a long, long time.