View Full Version : fleur de lis vector

sal shepherd
07-18-2010, 6:14 PM
I am looking for this in vector, I tried to trace it with bad results. I can't get it uniform, also can you commet on the sign. It doesn't look right to me.

Peter Meacham
07-18-2010, 6:58 PM

I have these two that might help.


Marianne Oteiza
07-18-2010, 7:43 PM
Will this work?

Frank Corker
07-18-2010, 7:48 PM
The one that Marianne posted above is exactly the one to fit your request Sal. I checked it.

sal shepherd
07-18-2010, 8:19 PM
Thank You, Marianne
Peter I'm saving yours for another project.

Thanks again