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Joe Chritz
06-13-2010, 1:30 PM
People with ponds, not people that live in ponds, although if you live in a pond you should know this answer.

We have a decent size pond, probably about 1/2 acre surface max. It has a second year very bad swimmers itch infestation.

I understand that copper sulfate is the method for killing the snails that are causing the problem and it has been treated twice at what the copper sulfate calls for. My question is, anyone here ever had an infestation they treated successfully?

It has only been a week and I am wondering if I need more time, a heavier dose or someway to stir up the algae that is still on the bottom. All the potential hosts are gone, no ducks or geese anymore.

Big bummer having that wonderful looking water and not able to go in.



Joe Pelonio
06-13-2010, 5:26 PM
My little pond is nowhere near big enough to swim, and with the fish in it would not like geese or ducks around. My parents have one about the size of yours, but where they are it dries up by about October, floods in May. They encourage ducks and geese so no one would think of swimming in it.

We often have beach closures on Lake Washington, and it's over 33 square miles with several rivers and creeks feeding it.

They too treat with copper sulfate when needed but they wait a week or more between treatments to keep the oxygen level in balance for the fish and aquatic plants, so it may take a month or more before the beach is re-opened for swimming. They have the advantage of biologists to test after treatment.