View Full Version : Leasing Laser equipment

Bob Reda
11-27-2004, 7:44 AM
I see a couple of the laser commpanies offering to lease equipment. Some offer the buyout at the end, some offer numerous buyout options. The only advantgage I can see is a slighty smaller monthly payment. I was just wondering, does anyone who has a laser feel that after 5 years the technogoly has gotten so much better that they are thinking about getting a newer model? That is the only other advantage I can see. Does a laser unit become obsolete after so long? Does anyone see any other advantages for leasing that I don't see?


Ray Thompson
11-27-2004, 11:43 AM
When I was gainfully employed I leased all of the high tech equipment. We did 5 year leases on everything that was computer controlled. It gives the most flexibility when making the decision of changing equipment or not. If the technology changes then you can make the change if not then keep it. One thing that most folks don't consider is long term support. Sometimes as new models are introduced the previous models get less and less support as time passes. One example, I had a 500 watt laser back in 1986 that we used to cut sheet metal laminations. The purpose of the laser never changed but by about 1992 we could no longer get any spare parts to keep the machine running. Or course the machine was purchased and there was no money for a replacement so work was farmed out. After that no more purchased technology.


Addendum. Before making a decision about buy vs. lease consult with your tax person. They will know about the deduction vs. depreciation stuff. You are paying him/her good money, get some good from it.

James Stokes
11-27-2004, 1:07 PM
My laser is 5 years old and it is definatly outdated, But I do not like leasing. I would much prefer buying to leasing.
Most of the leases I have looked into were not any cheaper than I could get a loan at my bank.