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Martin Boekers
06-08-2010, 4:20 PM
I'm looking for this plaque from JDS. (12x15)


This is just the plaque, not the plate.

JDS is out of stock until AUGUST!!!

I've developed a good client with these plaques
and have and order for 20.

These plaques cost me about $6ea, the only thing
I've been able to find cost $15ea and up which
misses the price point.

I have never had any issues before with JDS not having
stock, but this has happened a couple times in the last
month. Someone brought this up about vendors not stocking
as much product awhile back. JDS says thats not the case
,but I'm getting nervous. About 85% of my business is
repeat awards, I do keep a pretty heavy inventory.
When a vendor say over two months for delivery I do
get a bit nervous.:o



Mike Null
06-08-2010, 5:52 PM

the link doesn't work. I don't keep inventory anyway but thought I'd have a look.

What is the sku number?

Martin Boekers
06-08-2010, 6:50 PM
I fixed the link, JDS HGM1215


Mike Null
06-08-2010, 9:33 PM
That's my favorite plaque style from JDS and I normally stock 9x12 (out) and 8 x10.

John Frazee
06-10-2010, 9:21 AM
Have you checked with Marco? I looked at two different pictures of Style 702DC Elegant Dark Cherry finish and one looks close to the one you need but another picture looked darker. Also one photo made it look glossy. The 12x15's are on sale right now for 2.65- case quantity is 12.

As for JDS being out of stock on items lately, I feel your pain! In the past few weeks my supplier has been out of: baseball column, softball figures, dogs, fish, fishermen, different sizes of cups and lids, check rings, hex nuts, ferrules, generic baseball figures, female victories, misc columns and figures. I sure hope things pick up for our suppliers and they figure out what they need to stock!

Back to your backordered plaques. If all this stuff was still being made here in the USA we wouldn't be having these problems. When these suppliers wait until they run out and order more from China, we have to wait for them to be manufactured and sent across the ocean.

Sometimes I feel like just throwing my hands up and quitting!

Martin Boekers
06-10-2010, 10:37 AM
Thanks for the Marco tip, I must have missed it when I checked.

I try to order as much USA product as I can find, it is tough in this industry though.

As I said before I never had trouble with vendors being completely out of stock for months.

Usually one warehouse will have it. I'm not sure if they are cutting back on inventory because of the economy or they just screwed up and didn't
order as thier supplies went down.

It makes it tough for me as 85% of my business is setting up awards programs for organizations. Some have monthly, quarterly and annual events. It's repeat business and using the same products for their events.
It's hard to explain that I may not be able to have their products in when they need them but months later:eek:

I carry and extensive inventory, but I can't stock $50,000.00 in product
in case the vendor runs out of stock.

I tried to order a couple things again yesterday and they were out of those too:confused:

Hopefully this will get resolved soon and isn't a sign of what's to come.


John Frazee
06-11-2010, 1:41 PM
One of the most disturbing things is for the sales rep to come in my store pushing a certain item and I get orders for 3 or 4 hundred and they don't have any in stock. :mad: