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Dave Anderson NH
11-24-2004, 6:19 PM
To those of you who have maintained that the staid and stoggy Boston can't change its ways or learn, here's proof to the contrary.

The mayor of Boston, Tom Mennino, has announced that he is sending a bill to the city council to repeal a 1675 law called the Indian Imprisonment Act. The repeal will now allow Indians (Native Americans) to enter Boston without fear of imprisonment. Technically it has been illegal for Indians to go into Boston since the act was passed over 329 years ago. It was originally passed because of the fear of mayhem, arson, murder, and insurrection during King Phillips War. And all you folks always thought Boston was a bastion for the Liberals. :D :eek:

I wonder what happens if it doesn't pass?:rolleyes:

Karl Laustrup
11-24-2004, 9:24 PM
I'll pass this to the LOML. She's full blood Native. Ho-Chunk [used to be Winnebago]. Keep us posted so I'll know whether to let her go to Bean Town.

Ed Falis
11-24-2004, 9:34 PM
Happy B'Day, Dave!

- Ed