View Full Version : CorelDraw12 Tiling "Print tiled pages"

janko cervencik
11-22-2004, 10:54 PM
Hello guys
I like to use a feature "Print tiled pages" like 2 down and 2 across or 4x6 ,4x8......And I believe you have a gap between tiles for grout.In my case 0.25".
I'm wondering what settings I should use in CorelDraw12 ? I see a feature "Tile overlap" and "Bleed limit".What I should you use?And what are the settings?
I like to do some tiling in my bathroom and i dont know what to do? :eek:

Aaron Koehl
11-23-2004, 3:17 PM

I'm not really sure what you're asking. Are you trying to split an image (bitmap or vector) over a number of tiles, while allowing for the gap?

Kevin Huffman
11-23-2004, 4:52 PM
Hey Aaron,

I think he is trying to ask how to get rid of that gap. Or Trying to find how to to split the image with that much of a gap in between the tiles.

janko cervencik
11-23-2004, 7:23 PM
Yes Kevin
You're right, I like to split the image on tiles and find out how to use CorelDraw12 to work a gap in between the tiles, so the image wont be offset at top,bottom or on the side.

Rodne Gold
11-26-2004, 12:46 PM
The tiling he is talking about in Corel isnt for physical tiles , its for printing an image on something like vinyl , where you actually REDUCE gaps in pieces of vinyl or whatever one tile has a section of the other printed on it) so one overlaps another. We use it in doing stuff like billboards where you cant print 1 massive piece but can do "panels". There has to be an overlap on these "tiles".

I print full colour tiles (like bathroom tiles) on a full colour flatbed printer (an amazing machine that prints photographic quality prints on just about anything super a3 size x 10 cm thick) and you dont compensate for grouting etc , you just fit the image onto so many tiles. So if the image fits on 2 x 2 tiles - lets say they 12" each , you dont delete sections for grouting , you fit a 24" x 24" image over 4 x 12" x 12" tiles and dont worry about the gaps , even with gouting gaps , ppl see it as a complete image.

Shaddy Dedmore
11-26-2004, 3:09 PM
Not sure what the "Proper" way of spreading out one large picture over multiple small tiles is (if that's what you're wanting to do), but here's how I would do it using what little I know. (meaning I don't have that much experience, so I don't know all the tricks).

I have an example of spreading one picture over 4 tiles using Power Clip.

Decide over all size: I'm using 4 12 x 12 tiles, with a 1/4" gap of grout between. So, my overall size of my main page will be 24.25" x 24.25".

Then I add 4 12"x12" rectangles, and distribute them to the 4 corners.
Then I add the Photo that I'm engraving.


Make sure your Power Clip is not set to Auto-Center by going to TOOLS==>OPTIONS==>WORKPLACE==>EDIT make sure "Auto-Center new Power Clip Contents" is UNchecked

Select photo, then PowerClip it. (EFFECTS==>PowerClip==>Place Inside Container)

then choose a rectangle to contain your photo, I chose the upper left to start.


Then I made a New document, and made it 12x12, and I copied and pasted that image into the new document (CTRL-C, CTRL-V).


poof, you're ready to Print. Then go back to the other page, and hit UNDO (CTRL-Z) and you will have your whole photo back, repeat PowerClip with the other 3 rectangles.

NOTE. You may not want to, or be able to print your 12x12 tiles edge to edge. So you can add a smaller rectangle inside your 12x12. Like... if you had rounded or chamfered tiles, 1/4" border let's say. You'd have a 11.5"x11.5" rectangle centered within the 12x12. Then when PowerClip'ing, you'd choose to use the 11.5 as your Container. Then when you paste it into the new doc and center it on the page (by hitting "P") you'd have a 1/4 gap around the border.

Using more than 4 tiles gets confusing for the placement, but using the Position command within the Transformation property box, it's not so bad.

If I was confusing, and/or someone wants more steps described, like a tutorial, I can write one up.

But, there might be a way simpler way, I just haven't come accross it yet. (only been using Corel for about 4 months). Post the way if you know it