View Full Version : Corel question

fred sanchez
05-18-2010, 4:09 PM
On corel how do i round the edges on a square box ?
i know theres a key you press but i forgot


Liesl Dexheimer
05-18-2010, 4:17 PM
I've attached a pic to help you. Draw a regular rectangle and then look for where I circled an enter in whatever size rounded corner you need. Let me know if you can't get it to work.

fred sanchez
05-18-2010, 4:20 PM
cool thanks for your help Liesl

Liesl Dexheimer
05-18-2010, 4:32 PM
Welcome. :)

Larry Bratton
05-18-2010, 4:43 PM
Also Window/Dockers/Fillet>Scallop>Chamfer. When in Fillet mode you can set your desired radius.

greg lindsey
05-18-2010, 5:04 PM
Or.. once the box is drawn, use the shape tool and drag the corners to the desired radius.;)

fred sanchez
05-18-2010, 6:02 PM
thanks for all your help guys