View Full Version : Wood mites?

Michael Arruda
05-15-2010, 12:22 AM
Hello all,

This time of the year, my shop seems to get infested with some type of mite. They're all over my lumber at night, especially a prject if I'm working on one- it seems they like the sanding dust on the wood. They're small- tiny- a couple mm long at most. From what I can tell, it seems they're somewhat transparent or brownish, and they seem to be furry. I've never been bit by one, they squish real easy, and in a couple months, I know they'll be gone and I won't see them again until next season. I've never seen any damage to any wood as a cause of them- it seems like maybe they live on the wood and go out to scavenge in my sawdust at night. Strangest little things; I'm phobic about finishing, as I'm scared to death of having one inbedded in my finish. They seem to crawl on all species of wood, from maple to purpleheart. I seem to see them more on the maple and cherry though.

Strangest darn things- has anyone else ever seen this? Should I be concerned for any reason? They're definately not termites. Don't look like them at all, wrong size, wrong shape- not termites. I'm in southern california, the high desert. They came around a couple weeks ago, as it was warming up, and they'll be gone in a few months when we get to an average daily temp over 100.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Neal Clayton
05-15-2010, 1:34 AM
yep, i have em. we all probably have em. they don't dig holes, no worries. they eat rotting wood, actually. so sawdust (especially if it gets wet) is probably what attracts them. other than being a nuisance when you pick up a board, not much harm in them.

i'm told that pet supply stores sell a predatory mite for people with hamster/reptile cages lined with wood chips, the predatory mite will kill them and then die off when their food supply dries up. don't really see the point though, unless you have a bug phobia.

Michael Arruda
05-15-2010, 4:50 AM
No bug phobia, just gets old having them crawl all over everything. I want to know where they come from! I'm making a pulpit for my church right now. I just assembled it, went back to the saw to cut some trim for it, came back about ten minutes later and there were dozens of the little critters crawling all over the thing!

Side note- when you have a project like a pulpit, make some time to get down to the lumber yard... I didn't and had to make due with Lowes china birch ply... the veneer isn't properly bonded and it warps all over the place. Worst 3/4 ply I've ever used, including construction grade sheathing...


Bill Cunningham
05-18-2010, 11:25 PM
Sounds like your infested with 'Mini Tribbles" :D