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Mike Ruggeri
05-11-2010, 3:05 PM
I have a CU 300 Smart and thinking about getting the router spindle/collet for the shaper so I can run router bits. Can somebody tell me if I need to buy just a collet or do I have to buy another/special spindle and collet or do I need something else completely? I'm guessing a special spindle with a collet. Also, approximately how much will this set me back$$? I am just kicking around the idea as I would like to use the sliding table with the router but my guess is it will not make sense cost wise. I tried asking MM, but it has been difficult as they won't tell me anything unless I have a part number and I really don't know exactly what parts I need (nor did they as the manual is not really clear).



Mike Ruggeri
05-11-2010, 3:22 PM
Sorry, should have specified MM Combo owners...


Jeff Wright
05-11-2010, 3:29 PM
I have the 410 combo and while I purchased the spindle for router bits when I bought the machine, I have never used it (or the shaper for that matter). I am told the rpms are too slow to use router bits and get the cut that you can get with a router table. 9000 rpm range for the combo versus up to 20,000 or more for the router.

For that reason, I instead bought a Woodpecker router table setup with the big 3HP motor. I use that machine more than many other of my machines. Just haven't found a need for using the shaper (or investing in those expensive cutters!).

My sales rep is/was Sam Blasco; you might want to ask for him. He will steer you straight.

Mike Ruggeri
05-11-2010, 3:54 PM
Thank Jeff.

I already have a 3hp router with a router table. As I usually dial back large bits (panel raisers), I don't think speed will be too much of an issue. Since MM wanted $250 for another clamp for the sliding table, my guess is I will stick to my router table but am curious to see how large of an investment the router collet would be.


Larry Heflin
05-11-2010, 7:08 PM
I have the cu300 and a router spindle. You will need the special spindle to use router bits. I don't remember what I paid, but MM charges a premium for the spindle. I have used router bits on several occassions and they worked quite well. I have the shaper set on its fastest setting when doing so. I have used panel raising, roundover, beading and chamfer bits. Maybe some more. Since I don't have many shaper bits yet, I'm glad I have the spindle.

Hopefully, Charlie Plesums will chime in here as he has made a lot of good comments on using router bits with his 410 elite. He has done some research and can give you some of the science behind the use of router bits at the slower shaper speeds.


Okay, I looked at my receipts and the spindle listed for (gasp!) $395 in 2005. In a weak moment I got mine at a discount for 325 at one of their seminars taught by Sam Blasco. I couldn't find a part number.

Joe Jensen
05-11-2010, 9:27 PM
I suggest you call SCMI to ask for specifics. I recently purchased a Felder KF700SP saw/shaper and the router spindle uses a smaller pulley and a different belt so it spins faster. Mine is rated for 19,000 RPM and it can run up to 22,000 RPM which Felder says will prematurely wear the bearings.

Quick call to Minimax will answer the question.

Greg Wease
05-11-2010, 10:17 PM
My CU300 came with the router spindle (in 1998 when it was still called Euroshop). I only use the router collet for panel raising with 3.5" diameter bits at 9000 rpm and use my router table for "normal" size bits. The tip speed for a 3.5" bit at 9000 rpm is about the same as a 1 3/8" diameter rabbeting bit at 24,000 rpm--a little under 100 mph--so it isn't running slow by any means. If you do a lot of panel raising the router spindle might be a good investment.