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Lynn Kull
11-18-2004, 12:56 AM
OK now I got the itch to make some Christmas ornaments for the toddlers in our family. Does anyone have any artwork they can share or lead me in the direction of some good artwork for toddler ornaments? thanks in advance Lynn

11-18-2004, 8:09 AM
Hi Lynn,

LaserBits has a cd full of it... I bought it and its' pretty good... If anyone has others that are not copyrighted - I would be interested also!


Laura Zaruba
11-18-2004, 9:04 AM
I've found that there are several things you can use with different artsy fonts (wingdings/webdings/etc.) and I noticed the Laserbits CD has several designs that look awful similar to the font "Festive" if you can do a search on google or somewhere and find the font, just enlarge it to whatever size you need. I think I just gave the fonts no fill and an outline. You can make adjustments and add shading as necessary.

Kevin Huffman
11-18-2004, 9:44 AM
Hey Guys/Gals,
I once had a customer tell me when they need to find stuff like that, that wasn't ususally in clip art packages. They would go look in coloring books.
Usually you can find everything you want plus they scan in pretty good, along with contour cut with minimal ease. That way you can engrave it or cut it out, which ever you like.

Keith Outten
11-18-2004, 12:41 PM
Try the following link for Carving Patterns Free Fall Patterns;


From www.carvingpatterns.com you can scroll down the page to a listing of several holiday sets of patterns. I purchased the entire inventory a couple of years ago and they have proven to be an excellent resource for engraving.

Don't forget that you can print patterns on your computer printer and iron them onto your wood using a household clothes iron which will transfer the ink to the wood. Then you can cut the outside of the pattern with your scroll saw or bandsaw.

Linda Tetreault
11-18-2004, 5:23 PM
go to berrybasket, they have a cd with about 200 ornaments in a pdf file, convert to hairline & they're good to go.
I've done lots of them, scrolled hundreds last year, but this year they're lasered, soooo much faster. I think the cost is around $14.95, can't beat that!!