View Full Version : CorelDraw wmf export question/problem

Richard Rumancik
04-22-2010, 7:30 PM
I am trying to export a logo from CorelDraw in .wmf format. The original is 5.51" high. When I export the "selected" entity, it creates the wmf version. However, if I immediately re-import the wmf image back into CorelDraw, it comes in at only .63" high.

If I import it into Word, it shows a bounding box about 5 1/2" high with a small logo (maybe 1.5" high) at the bottom middle of the bounding box. When I inquire via Format->picture->size it shows that the "original" is 153" high and it is displayed at 4%.

So I am confused as to why I am not getting a 1:1 image with both CorelDraw itself and with Word. Also, I do not understand why the bounding box does not touch the graphic on 4 sides in Word. Can anybody help?

Dan Hintz
04-22-2010, 7:40 PM
Since the WMF format stores the actual Windows GDI calls to recreate the logo, a difference in implementation could easily cause the disconnect. Up until just a few years ago, MS never really released an official description of the format, so it's possible Corel is continuing to use an incorrect description coded years ago (it's not often as a coder you go back and fix a file codec if it seems to work).

Also, make sure it's exporting the vector version of the logo and not a shrunken raster version stuck inside the vector box.