View Full Version : Any New Zealand woodworkers here ?

Eben Fourie
04-12-2010, 6:42 AM
Anyone from NZ on SMC ? I am specifically looking for Kiwis in the Wellington, Lower Hutt, or Upper Hutt area.

Moving over there in a couple of months, and have some questions about suppliers, shops, clubs etc.

Thanks in advance,

Zach England
04-12-2010, 12:09 PM
Do plane shavings curl the other way in the southern hemisphere?

What kind of lumber can you get locally in SA? That must be like heaven.

Eben Fourie
04-13-2010, 2:39 AM
hehe, only in the summer months Zach ;)

lots of interesting lumber - yellow wood, knysna blackwood, african rosewood, kiaat, african mahogany, jacaranda, tamboti, wild olive

but we also have a full range of imported timber, i enjoy working in wood with lots of figure, making boxes and picture frames from Zebrano, Cottonwood etc.

I get most of my lumber from a company called Rare Woods, check them out on the web

Eben Fourie
04-18-2010, 11:58 AM

anyone ? anywhere in New Zealand ?