View Full Version : Covering kitchen cabinet doors

Dave Johnson29
04-11-2010, 7:38 PM
Hi All,,

The kitchen cabinet door saga continues. I asked this painting question in the finishing forum recently.

I have test painted one and it turned out worse than hoped so the plan B is to cover the inner section. I am thinking of 1/8" thick "something," but not being all that into woodworking I am not sure what to use. I am guessing if I use 1/8" plywood the edge finishing will be a lot of work. Given that there are a total of 26 doors I need to do this the easiest way.

By way of equipment, I have a 10" table saw but no jointer. I do have a small router table about 18" x 18".

The red lines in the first pic are what I want to do.

The circled section is the next pic shown in profile. This shows the existing profile of the door stile and panel in blue and the new covering panel in red. The doors have no hand pulls so the recess on the back of the door is to get finger tips in to pull it open.

Soooo, what is going to be the best material to use to do this?

Thanks in advance.