View Full Version : Exterior Clearcoat Aerosol??

Kent A Bathurst
04-11-2010, 7:15 PM
We just received as a gift a birdhouse assembled (with help) by a neighbor girl that is "just over 5 and one-half" :D, and painted by her with no help. She selected the bush's branch on which it was hung.

I didn't feel like this waranted posting in Gen or Fin forums, even though it is certainly "the most beautiful birdhouse anyone has ever given me!!!" ;)

I'm guessing she used acrylic - if not, then water colors. If that is important, I can find out.

Anything I can use that would be suitable for exterior, and would stay clear - at least, as clear as is technically feasible? Outdoors, but no direct sun. Atlanta humidity & general weather. Something in a rattle can would be perfect. I don't know if Zinnser's clear spray shellac would do much in an exterior application? Maybe some kinda water-based product? I have zero experience in this finishing arena. If I could maintain it through autumn, and then "bring it inside for the winter", I'd suspect that the attention span would have moved waaaay on down the road by next spring.