View Full Version : Luggage tags..layout in Corel?

Bob Rath
04-09-2010, 7:58 PM
Hi everyone..I'm a fairly new user of both Corel and my laser and I'm having trouble making two sided luggage tags. Is there a trick for layout or parameters so that the front and the back text is centered correctly on the tag?

I'm just working with a simple oval with different text on the front and the back (used same Corel outline for each side, just changed the text contents.) I'm rastering the text on side "A" then I flip the wood over (keeping the "top" still against the ruler) and the raster and vector side "B" to cut out the tag. When I burn them, the alignment is off pretty significantly.Something tells me there may be a Corel tip for doing double sided work.

I think my dyslexia is kicking in but any help or tips are appreciated. Thanks

Tom Bull
04-09-2010, 11:21 PM
Perhaps you would do better if you used a jig to hold the item, then turn it over in the jig (assuming it is symetrical). Make a finger slot to assist in removing item from jig.

AL Ursich
04-09-2010, 11:29 PM
Make a masking tape jig and outline the oval for side 1 and burn that oval into the tape. Make a outline in the back side in Corel and burn that outline in the tape. If the outline is off.... Use the first for the front and second oval for the back...


Darryl Hazen
04-10-2010, 1:25 PM

Do an accurate outline of the item. Using a piece of cardboard, cut out the shape to create a template. Using the outline in Corel copy just the outline to a second page. Center your text in the outline on page 1. Go to page two and enter the info there. Do not move the outline. The outline on page 2 should be located at exactly the same spot as on page 1. Raster page 1, turn item over, then raster page 2.

James Terry
04-10-2010, 2:20 PM
On the topic of double sided engraving, I would appreciate others chiming in on this. How do YOU do double sided items?

You dont see double sided items offered much. Tips and tricks would be useful.

And along with this, how does one align output from different devices? For instance, if I were to print from the color laser printer onto card stock and then I wanted to use the engraver to cut out letters and holes and the actual card... How does one line this up successfully between the different artwork and machines?

I am also curious if our laser machines are smart enough to be sent a single job that has a hard pause in it. ie: the job contains both sides, but the output will halt so you can come and turn it over and press go again without having to select another job.

John Noell
04-10-2010, 2:42 PM
> How do YOU do double sided items?

Usually with a jig. If all are exactly the same size, sometimes I just line them up against each other

>how does one align output from different devices?

I usually prefer registration marks on the printed cards.

>How does one line this up successfully between the different artwork and machines?

After matching printed reg marks to where laser marks them (which often means stetching or compressing the drawing a bit one way or another - or movig the whole thing one way or another), it usually remains close enough to keep using over and over.

>...laser machines are smart enough to be sent a single job that has a hard pause in it?


Ross Moshinsky
04-10-2010, 3:04 PM
On a luggage tag, I don't think you need a jig, but they are helpful. Honestly, as long as you have a straight edge on your X and Y axis, you should be able to get damn close.

With that said, if I'm doing a double sided engrave on lets say 1/8" 3 ply plastic. I cut a VERY square oversized piece. Stick it in the engraver. Engrave, then cut out my shape. Flip it over, and engrave again. Always engrave, cut, flip, engrave. I won't lie, more than once I've flipped it over and had the engraving go the wrong way. Typically I get it right on the second try. Once I do it right, I leave myself a note how I did it.