View Full Version : Mac owners, don't feel too smug

Dave Johnson29
03-28-2010, 12:09 PM
One of the top draws at xxxxxxxx, the highly regarded Canadian security conference, is the break-the-browser contest known as Pwn2Own.

So can it be coincidence that Apple, Google, and Mozilla updated their browsers just days before the contest?

Yesterday was the start of xxxxxxxxx 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia. This year, a U.S. $10,000 prize...

Safari browser gets fixes before its big test

Historically, Apple's Safari browser has been one of the first to fail in the xxxxxxxxx contest, usually with an unreleased exploit coded by Safari vulnerability expert Charlie Miller.

However, xxxxxxxx lists several still-unpatched security holes in Apple's browser, so I would not bet on Safari getting through this upcoming contest unscathed.

hee hee :D

Greg Peterson
03-28-2010, 1:05 PM
If it's a computer, its vulnerable. I don't use Safari, but when I did give it a try on the IMac a couple of years back I couldn't even connect to the Apple site. I could get to most any other site, but several, including Apple would not load. Go figure.

Scott Shepherd
03-28-2010, 1:27 PM
The Mac's always get hacked into at this things. That's the myth people against Mac's use all the time. They take this conference where professional hackers try to get into systems, HACKING, not VIRUS, and they show that a hacker can hack into a Mac faster than a PC, but that's always the info used by PC people against Mac's, saying they aren't any safer than a PC.

Now, when was the last time any one of your friends, family, co-workers or anyone you know on the internet forums actually hacked into? Probably none.

Now, how many of those same people have had a virus.

Big difference between a hacker and a virus.

Can you hack a Mac? Yup. Can you hack any O/S? Yup. Do people worry about being hacked? Nope. Do people worry about getting a virus? Yup.

Nothing has changed, they did the same thing last year and the results were public and posted that they hacked into the Mac faster than the PC.