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Rob Cunningham
03-24-2010, 8:47 AM
My daughter e-mailed us last night. Her former tap dance instructor's son was in a motorcycle accident Thursday afternoon near Kutztown University, where he is a student. He was airlifted to the hospital and is in critical condition. Please add Michael and his family to your prayer list. Thanks.

Phyllis Meyer
03-24-2010, 9:07 AM
Michael and family will be in our thoughts and prayers! We believe!


Steve Schlumpf
03-24-2010, 9:21 AM
Thoughts and prayers have been sent!

Jim O'Dell
03-24-2010, 10:22 AM
DONE! Jim.

Brian Kent
03-24-2010, 11:06 AM
Me too. Sometimes I think that the knowledge that many people are praying adds to the effect of the prayers themselves. Thanks for letting us know.

Terry Hatfield
03-24-2010, 8:36 PM

Ken Shoemaker
03-24-2010, 10:12 PM

Clarence Miller
03-24-2010, 10:46 PM
Consider it done.

Belinda Williamson
03-25-2010, 8:14 AM
Will do. Please keep us updated as you have news.

Rob Cunningham
03-25-2010, 2:22 PM
Thank you everyone for your prayers.
Unfortunately, Michael passed away last night.
Please continue to pray for his family to help them through this time of unimaginable grief.

Rod Sheridan
03-25-2010, 2:32 PM
Rob, please pass my condolences on.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Sincerely, Rod.

Phyllis Meyer
03-25-2010, 2:46 PM
Rob, Our prayers will continue for his family, we are truly sorry for their loss!


Matt Ranum
03-25-2010, 3:31 PM
Prayers to the family and loved ones.

Jim O'Dell
03-25-2010, 3:35 PM
So sorry to heat the news. Continued prayers for the family and friends. Jim.