View Full Version : My First Gloat!

James Fleming
03-23-2010, 9:47 PM
I'm not sure if there are rules concerning gloats, but here goes! I was at the local Ace/True Value hardware store today, killing time during my lunch break. I was checking out table saw blades because I had noticed earlier that they carried better blades than I could get at the local Menard's or Home Depot. I was disappointed to find nothing but Ace, Oldham, and Freud Diablo. As I was about to leave, a clerk stopped me and said, "Watch ya lookin' for, buddy?" I told him I was looking for Freud Industrial class blades but couldn't find any. He said "Oh them? Them are over there on that discount rack at the end of asile 2." I checked where he had directed me and found a stack of red 10" Freud blades on a peg. I started to look through them and noticed that everything in the stack was priced $48.99. You can imagine my surprise when the first four I lifted off the stack were Premier Fusion, followed by a Glue Line Rip and an LU84 combination. All .126 kerf and all 6 for $310 with tax! I hesitated about five seconds and then took all six to the checkout. I don't know if the price was accidental or because they are discontinuing the line, but I don't care. I won't debate the quality of these blade against Forrest or Ridge, etc. but at the price, how could I go wrong? I think I won't have to buy a new blade for the rest of my life! :D

Chip Lindley
03-23-2010, 9:58 PM
Decent price on brand new Freuds! No doubt Ace tryed to sell the blades at full suggested retail and had no takers. That's one way to move them--discount them by at 25 or 30%!

Joseph Tarantino
03-23-2010, 10:11 PM
congrats on a good purchase. and, you'll see......since you got them at a great price, they'll outperform anything else you'll buy at full price. enjoy them in safety.

Jim Rimmer
03-23-2010, 10:23 PM
I'm not sure if there are rules concerning gloats, :D
Only rule is: No pics, didn't happen. Good deal on the blades, though.

Glen Butler
03-23-2010, 10:24 PM
Good Gloat. Nice find. The only thing you are missing is the pictures. It didn't happen if there aint pics.:)

Tony Shea
03-23-2010, 11:24 PM
Very good deal. Seems as though they must have missed that Fusion blade in mix. Wish I could come across a fusion for 50 bucks. I'd be interested in how the Fusion blade performs for you. Im contemplating on what combo blade I want. I still think I'm going to go with the Infinity.

Van Huskey
03-25-2010, 1:21 AM
They were cheap because they are all defective...all there kerfs are 1 thousandth to large :D

I have several P410s as well as 3 or 4 40T WWIIs and for me the Fusions are a better blade and slightly cheaper too, even at full retail. I am also a fan of the glue line rip except for really thick stock when I use a 20T WWII with the huge gullets.