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Shaddy Dedmore
11-08-2004, 3:48 PM
Except for the new guys... welcome. I thought I'd get things moving by posting a pic, and asking for others to do the same (I like seeing other peoples work)

This is some bookmarks I did using 1/32" 3-ply birch. I get them from Wildwood designs, they come in 12"x12" squares. under $3.00 ea.

they need a coating of finish on them (they come unfinished), and birch isn't the best for engraving, but they're OK (you can see the grain through the solid areas, like the yin-yang). Try to use the least amount of power to get through so you don't have to clean the burnt off the edges as much (since they're going on white pages of books). Make sure to make the circle cuts to help prevent spliting.

Might put a logo on them and give them away.


Keith Outten
11-08-2004, 8:03 PM
Now is a good time to get your list of names...family, friends and don't forget your best customers from this year and make custom Christmas ornaments to give away. They will all appreciate a gift that they can use every year and over time will look forward to receiving the next years design. Custom ornaments, with a new design each year are better than Christmas cards, we attach them to gifts we give our family members instead of name tags, make sure you include a short piece of colorful yarn which you can tape to the present and can be used to hang the ornament on the Christmas tree. Another option I have used is to cut short pieces of telephone wire to make hooks for ornaments, really inexpensive and it works well.

This years ornament designs are being made from acrylic mirror...photos later :D

Shari Loveless
03-20-2006, 7:50 PM
I know this is an old post but thanks so much for the idea of these bookmarks. I'm on my second batch and it's soooo fun. There is no end to the sayings I have put on these...and I use a lot of dingbat fonts as well. Just thought I'd post a pic since you said you liked to see other peoples work. I feel the same way. Sort of inspires me to get creative and do something out of my normal routine. Next batch I think I'll try some different shapes.