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Don Williams Michigan
03-22-2010, 7:20 PM

I am relatively new to Sawmill Creek and have a supply question. Can you point me to suppliers who have different or unique picture frames? I currently purchase from JDS but are looking for additional product beyond what they offer. I am looking for frames that can be laser engraved but would also welcome unique frames that stand on their own. Any suggestions would help. Thank you.

Dee Gallo
03-22-2010, 7:43 PM
I buy from Graphic Dimensions Ltd. (pictureframes.com) They have very nice quality frames, beautiful profiles and finish choices, decent prices and you can get pretty much any size sides you need to fit your needs. I like to buy the ones with built in liners.

cheers, dee

Joe Pelonio
03-22-2010, 8:30 PM
I have gotten most of mine from Ikea, their retail prices are better than wholesale though most are unfinished.

03-22-2010, 9:30 PM
Try this website http://www.coloradoheirloom.com/Hollowback%20Plaques.html