View Full Version : Carving in stone, anybody? GLOAT!!!

Moshe Eshel
03-20-2010, 5:03 PM
One of the carving group I'm in, is in the stone selling business Jerusalem Stone (http://www.jstonecd.com) - I asked him about the business and all the work that goes into the stone, and we got to talking about stone carving... he does some, and in past projects the group also did some stone work, but I'm a total newbie (not even that).

So as a result of that talk a nice stone chunk is making its way towards me, and also a set of stone chisels (he is a very nice guy :-)) - but I have no clue about how to work it (except I know I need some eye protection and good gloves).

anyone with this kind experience here who might give me some tips? I'm just gonna dive into it (did some carving in man made stone in the past - but it wasn't something hard - this I believe will be, and no I don't know what kind I'm getting, only that it is HEAVY...

doris fiebig
03-21-2010, 3:36 PM
hello moshe,,, i carved stone, before i picked up wood carving... i started with the softest stone, namely soapstone, then went to harder stones, up to gem stone hardness. in the latter i made mainly jewelery size pieces...if interested, here on my blog http://woodcarvingblog.wordpress.com/2009/07/26/stone-carvings-gallery/ you can look some of my works.
what kind of stone do you have ? from that it depends greatly how you would approach a project,,,what kind of work are you interested in ? .... but with any stone, you need very good dust protection for your lungs, even if only working with hand tools...stone dust can be very dangerous.