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Moshe Eshel
03-20-2010, 4:53 PM
Hello fellow carvers,

I mostly hunt through the turning forum, but occasionally use different chisels, recently I have started working with a group on a group sculpture, work is done in nature (you know, outside) on a huge eucalyptus log, where we try to make it into something inspired (the wood is pretty amazing all by itself :-))

The group of people is really diverse, and I don't know about the US but in my country such a project is pretty unique - I have never heard about anything similar...

I think I already posted some of these pictures, but last Friday I took my young son (2.5 Yrs old) to work with me and he took right to it - I think a new carver is created...

Here are some pictures and more at the link:
http://picasaweb.google.com/meshel/GroupCommunityCarvingProjectInHarAdar?feat=directl ink

Marty Rosen
05-11-2010, 5:40 PM
At the Ringling Circus Museum we have an on going group project. You might say we are a live exhibit. Once a week, around 12 of us, for a half a day, get together and carve a carousel animal. The visitors and tourists enjoy watching us work. Before I joined the group they carved a horse and a baby elephant. When I joined the group we carved a tiger. It is interesting having 12 different people working on the same animal. Now we are working on a camel. Considering the short amount of time we spend a week, 3 years isn't a long time to complete a project from glue up to painting. Here's a photo of the tiger.