View Full Version : Lino stamp making?

James Terry
03-20-2010, 3:27 PM
I have seen a little bit of discussion on using real lino in the laser and it seems like it should be safe to use. With that aside, does anyone make stamps using lino? Is there any reason to or to not use this material like that?

I'm wondering why it is used for relief carving over rubber. Is lino easier to hand carve perhaps?

Kevin Groenke
03-20-2010, 4:36 PM
We've engraved linoleum blocks in the laser. Works fine: quick, clean, not smelly.

Linoleum is easier to hand carve than either rubber (to resilient) or wood (grainy) it inks well, transfers consistently and is very durable.

I think the primary advantage to rubber stamps (or non-stinky "laser polymer" stamps) is that they work with stamp-pad ink and hand pressure. To my knowledge the lino blocks require oil based inks and more significant, even pressure to get a consistent xfer.