View Full Version : first ride of the season...

Karl Card
03-16-2010, 1:42 PM
WOWWWWWWEEEEEE.... it has been a long time (15 years) since i last rode a V65 sabre and I really did forget how fast they can be.... I got it out of the back of truck, from bringing it home, and started it up, very cold natured it seems, but to hear that v4 whirl into action was nice...very pleasing to the ears.... in the whrl i could hear it say "watch out" and man after it got warmed up i let off the clutch to get it rolling, being careful to take it easy and that thing did nothing but want to jump like a pit bull onto a stray dog... It leaped into action and i almost lost the handle bars, regained my composure and hit second and gave it a little gas and it literally jumped 20 miles per hour faster... i was thinking yeah you wait till i get you on a straight away... i let off at 100 mph...
This bike deserves respect, all i can say..
anyone who has ever ridden a V65 will know exactly what I am talking about..