View Full Version : Universal belt/flex board issue...

Ken Smith
03-09-2010, 6:20 PM
I powered up my Universal V-460 last week and it went through its usual startup. However, when it got to the home position, it started "bouncing" against the limit switch as if wanted to keep going.

After about a dozen tries it finally stopped and went to its ready state.

I tried doing a raster, but in the result I see "ghosting" along the x-axis of my engraved image. It's like it overshoots the by about 1mm on each pass, on both the left and right sides.

I'm guessing that the belt broke a couple of teeth and that's causing some of the problems, but I'm not sure what's up with the limit switch and the bouncing.

Anyone ever had this happen?

I have work stacked up, so I have my local service rep coming out on Friday. Looks like my wallet is gonna take a hit. :-(


Scott Shepherd
03-09-2010, 6:51 PM
Ken, I don't recall the details exactly, but there's a member here who experienced a similar thing, but on a newer unit. I don't think he posted his experience, but I was in email and phone contact with him. He said it would hit the right edge going to home itself and keep doing it real fast, like a sewing machine.

I think it was the little switch that reads it when it taps it for setting the home position. He replaced it and it's worked fine since then.

Universal is still open, give them a call. They can probably diagnose that one quite easy (and free).

Ken Smith
03-09-2010, 7:37 PM
I have emailed Universal. Jerry Snead in their support dept has always been top notch, so I would expect to hear back from them soon.

I've already scheduled the service call with my local guy. It's not really that big of a deal, since I've been intending to meet up and establish a repoire with him anyway. It may cost me a few bucks, but if it assures me that the machine is in good shape for a while, then its worth it.

Besides, I kind of want to see his jaw drop when he sees the Camtech L30v


Mike Mackenzie
03-09-2010, 7:41 PM

First issue with the limit switch. Check to see if the arm is square with the system off pull the arm to the front of the system the right and left side of the arm should make contact with the stops. If it does not then this is the problem.

If they do then go on too step 2 UN-plug and re-plug in the flex cable both on the lower and upper flex boards. If this corrects it then you are good if not then your upper flex board will need to be replaced.
143-0016-1 $80.00. Inspect your flex cable for any heat related problems if the cable looks like it got hot replace that as well. 402001000B $20.00.
Be sure you have the latest firmware on the system.

One of the above will correct the limit switch problem.

The ghosting is either a belt or the tickle signal on the system or in the tube. Did you replace the laser tube recently? If not then go into the system menu and check the tickle setting in there. it should be 5 / 1.

You can try and set this to 5 / 0 to see if it helps. I do not think the two problems were related.

Also one more thing be sure your Len's plate is secure.