View Full Version : In the interest of public safety...

Dan Mitchell
03-05-2010, 3:57 AM
I listen to MP3's of this show while driving, guess I'd better stop... :D


Mitchell Andrus
03-05-2010, 7:47 AM
Great post.

I never set the volume so loud that I can hear the radio above the roar of the saw. If safety comes first, the radio can wait. We must each set our own limits. Multitasking while operating machines is not to be experimented with.

Michael MacDonald
03-05-2010, 2:07 PM
I have heard Robert Krulwich a few times in the car. I always love his reporting... a lot of energy, genius editing and a real good story--whatever it happens to be. I normally listen to music in the shop, and I can't hear the music when the saw/DC go on. But that doesn't bother me. If I was listening to radiolab, I would be the safest woodworker I could be because I wouldn't be able to turn on any power tools until the story was over... thought perhaps I would still cut myself with a chisel.