View Full Version : Great Customer Service from Rev-A-Shelf

Paul Greathouse
03-03-2010, 9:57 PM
I want to give credit where credit is due. So many times you hear about the bad experiences and no one bothers to comment when a company does something right.

I bought 2 Rev-A-Shelf brand Lazy Susans from an out-of-town cabinet hardware supply business. They are the pie cut type for corner base cabinets. They have a spring type mechanism in the top of the unit and a notched area so they can be adjusted to stop and stay in the proper position.

I put the first one togeather and it worked fine. The second one had a problem, it would turn fine in one direction but the spring would try to load in the other direction and the stop spot would get offset.

The business I bought them from would have been an 85 mile drive to get a replacement so I called Rev-A-Shelf directly. I explained the problem to the tech support person and without any hesitation she said she would send me out a new top mechanism. She didn't even ask where I bought it or if I had a reciept, she just took my name and address and said I should receive it within a week.

Rev-A-Shelf will definately get my business in the future. Great customer service IMHO.