View Full Version : Pepsi 2 liter Thread Size?

Jeff Henry
03-02-2010, 1:23 AM
Does anyone know what the thread size for a standard 2 liter Pepsi bottle is?
After surfing the net for a while the only thing I found was that it may be a 1" 8TPI. Would a standard course thread tap reproduce acceptable results?
Thanks in advance - for any information you guy's can provide!!

Kent A Bathurst
03-02-2010, 7:00 AM
Jeff - I have no idea.

But - I gotta ask, because I am sitting here scratching my head - you need to know this why? Are you making replacement wooded bottle tops?

Jerome Hanby
03-02-2010, 9:44 AM
Smells like a soda bottle rocket project...

Zach England
03-02-2010, 9:54 AM
I am not sure the specific size, but I do know that a soda bottle cap fits a garden hose perfectly.

Dave Johnson29
03-02-2010, 11:27 AM
it may be a 1" 8TPI. Would a standard course thread tap reproduce acceptable results?

Hi Jeff,

Many drink bottles have multiple start threads. That means there is two or more threads in series. With a quick glance, it may look like a single start thread but check carefully and see how many starting grooves there are at the top. Multiple start threads wind on faster and in less turns but have less closing force.

In a double-start thread the actual pitch of each thread might be 4-tpi. The second start will begin 180 degrees away and also be 4-tpi. Overall it will measure and look like an 8tpi single-start thread.

Best thing is to get it measured by someone with a machine shop. Probably do it for nothing if you ask nicely :). There is no standard requirements for threads on drink bottles. It can be whatever the drink company wants.

I don't drink that stuff so I do not have any bottles to measure for you. Now if you wanted to know about a beer bottle. :D

Jeff Henry
03-02-2010, 12:11 PM
Soda Bottle Rockets - not quite as complicated as these http://home.people.net.au/~aircommand/

Thanks You Guys are the greatest.

Mitchell Andrus
03-02-2010, 8:36 PM
Stand back... seriously. My son and I built one, charged it up and it flew at least 60 feet in the air, thank God straight up. He won the science class's contest by far. The trick is to keep a good seal and make a release that allows a fast get-away.

Ed Harrow
03-03-2010, 12:40 AM
If you're not looking for super snazzy, there is a commercial kit available. I'll look it up (or, more accurately, dig it out) if you are remotely interested. Made in the UK - impressed the hell out of me when I asked them what size 'O' ring so I could replace a damaged one. They mailed me a bunch - all the way from there!

Do it on a warm day, and wear safety glasses!

There is also a pretty amazing pump-up rocket that uses a burst disc(s) - Will go out of sight on just air. You will need a good, high-pressure bicycle pump to make it work.