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Chuck Burke
10-29-2004, 11:06 PM
Hi All,

The Frustration mounts. I am trying to engrave and vector cut something in quarter inch acrylic. I have two problems.
One, when using corel, under print in Layout, I use "as in document". I check and double check the measurement in Corel with the rulers, then I check and double check where I want the image to engrave on the piece. The laser simply will NOT go where I assume it should when "as in document" is checked.
Further, even though I have the Vector cut speed set to 3.8% it engraves at the speed of the raster ( 80%) instead of cutting.
I did today install the windows XP service pack 2 and the corel sp1.
Anyway, HELLLPPPP!!!!!

Chuck Burke
Pacific LaZer Works

George M. Perzel
10-30-2004, 5:33 AM
Hi Chuck;
The only tab in the LaserPro print driver which you should be concerned about is the General tab- the others should all be left in the default setting. Layout default is "as in document" unless you've change some default settings.

Under the General Tab, click "properties"-these are the only subtabs which concern you and should be set as required.

Option- set to Black/White with dpi and ppi as required

Pen-Assume your raster area is Black and vector is Red- set Pen tab colors to required speed/power. Black should be raster only. Red should be vector and ramp. (or vector only). Make sure your vector line width is set to .001" in your drawing

Advance- set Position Mode to suit your application-Home will start laser in drawing origin 0/0. Relative starts wherever the laser is when you start engraving.

Paper/Raster- as required.

If you still have problem, set up a 1" vector square(red, .001") and put a black letter inside it. Laser it on a scrap piece and see if it comes out right.

Sometimes the driver or Corel will act strangely if an image has been converted from an odd drawing format or if it is very complex and your computer memory is small.
Sometimes the driver will change preset settings at random-especially if you load a preset and then change one of the pen settings or advance position.
Sometimes the laser gets confused and you need to restart it or restart your computer. When in doubt, go back to basics.

I sent you my phone number-call when convenient.

Michael Wells
10-30-2004, 1:36 PM
Hey Chuck,

It sounds to me like a problem I had when I started working with lasers. The red line you use for the vector cut MUST be set to hairline in Corel! If you try and vector cut a wider line it will read it as a raster and engrave it instead! If you want to vector cut a wider area, you must use contigous hairline red lines set as close as you can. This does not work for really detailed work or work that you cut completely through the material on.

Try the hairline setting on your CorelDraw lines and see if that will fix the problem.

George M. Perzel
10-30-2004, 8:36 PM
Hi Guys;
The Laserpro driver will not recognize the "hairline" setting- it must be set to .001" as instructed.
George M. Perzel

Michael Wells
10-31-2004, 12:48 PM
George, I'm not certain which driver you use, but I run an Explorer 100watt with the LaserPro Driver for CorelDraw12 and the only setting it reads for vector cutting is hairline!

Maybe different drivers, but I has the same problem that Chuck is having when when I installed the new driver. So, respectfully, I have to stand by the statement that he should try the Hairline setting in the Corel Draw document with the pure red color!

George M. Perzel
10-31-2004, 6:14 PM
Hi Mike;
I stand corrected- we are truly creatures of habit. I loaded the new driver for the Mercury (DV 3.42) about 3 months ago and never tested whether it would recognize a "hairline" vector-because none of the previous drivers would. It works!!
It's always a good day when you learn something. Thanks
George M. Perzel

Michael Wells
11-01-2004, 11:55 PM
Hey George,
No problem, with lasers you have to learn something everyday...or you had the day off! Hehehe

Chuck, tell us if you try the hairline setting and if it worked for you. If not we'll have to figure out what could be going wrong with your rig!

Chuck Burke
11-10-2004, 9:42 PM
I'm not sure if I resonded here or not. I posted on soooo many forums...but basically it was an issue between my head and my butt regarding the "speed" with which I was trying to cut the acylic. WAY too fast....

Chuck Burke
Pacific LaZer Works.