View Full Version : Forrest WWI Mr. Sawdust Blade for Radial Arm Saw

Nick Sorenson
02-21-2010, 7:50 AM
I've been using the Mr. Sawdust blade on my RAS for the past several months and it's by far the cleanest cut I've seen ripping and crosscutting than any other blade. I use it for a variety of woods. I have been using my RAS to joint Alder and I'm getting invisible glue lines. With clamping pressure it's as good as my jointer for 8/4 stock edge glued. It really cuts nice!

It's 60 tooth Triple Chip Grind so it's not the fastest cutting or most powerful but it's the sharpest blade I've seen and the cut quality is polished! I can't see a single saw kerf in any cut that I've setup well yet. It's a perfect cut!

If anyone has a RAS and uses it for crosscutting and ripping, I highly recommend it.

It's only limitation that I've found is that due to it's 60 teeth and TCG ripping power is a little lacking on REALLY hard woods. When I cut Maple I grab a blade with less teeth. But that's all I've found that I haven't loved about this blade. It's worth it's price at around $100.

Sean Nagle
02-21-2010, 11:38 AM
I just picked up a used Delta 12" RAS and I'm in search of a blade. Since the RAS will be used exclusively for crosscutting, I am considering the SystiMatic 37366. It is a full kerf blade like the WWI but has a negative hook angle. All the other negative hook angle crosscuts blades seem to be thin kerf.

I'd be interested in knowing what blades others are using on their RAS.